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Where Are Your Kidneys Located?

where are your kidneys located

Where are your kidneys located? The kidneys are those bean-shaped organs located in the posterior wall, plastered against the muscles in your back. Essentially, the kidneys perform the role of a fuel pump filter in a car by filtering off waste products from your blood in order to produce urine. Now that you know the … Read more

Where to Get STD Check Up (Anonymous STD Testing) in Las Vegas & other US states!


We recently got a mail from an anonymous reader asking where he could get an anonymous std testing done in the United States. The dude lives in the Las Vegas area. He needed my expert opinion and review on where and how to go about it. That is why I choose to answer the question … Read more

How to Treat Fatty Liver Disease

Do you know that millions of people including you are currently looking for fatty liver disease treatment options currently? In fact, Non alcoholic Fatty liver disease is the most common fatty liver disease in the US and other nations, affecting up to 24% of the world population. About 29 million Americans currently have fatty liver … Read more

Symptoms of HIV

The truth is that many people with HIV do not develop any symptoms at all. But the few people who do, experience symptoms similar to flu within days to weeks after being exposed to HIV. The symptoms may include fever, tiredness, and headache and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck region. Interestingly, these symptoms may … Read more