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How Soon Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms?

As a woman who has never conceived before, it is normal to wonder how early you can start having pregnancy symptoms. You ask: “Could I be pregnant?” How Soon Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms? In actual fact, you need to know those earliest signs of pregnancy and how early they can come so as to be properly prepared for eventualities. It will help you to know what to expect and when to expect them.

It will also help you to know the state and stage of the pregnancy when such symptoms start surfacing. Stages of pregnancy vary same for the symptoms. Loss of appetite is one of such symptoms. You need to know the stages of pregnancy when such symptoms surface. Such stages include the conception and implantation stages.

Truth is that the point at which the symptoms are felt differ from one individual to another. While some individuals may get such symptoms before they miss their monthly menstrual period, other women may not have the symptoms long after they have missed their periods. So, how soon can you feel pregnancy symptoms? Well, it depends on your specific body physiology. You may start experiencing pregnancy symptoms in the first few weeks, or later if it is your first pregnancy.

Examples of the early pregnancy symptoms in most women include:

  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea & Vomitting
  • Appetite loss
  • Implantation bleeding, etc.

Make sure you watch out for these symptoms to know if you are pregnant or not. You may not have to wait for a positive pregnancy test result before suspecting that you are pregnant.

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and their order of occurrence
The first symptom of pregnancy is implantation bleeding. This is followed by implantation cramp, making you feel pain in your lower abdominal region. At this stage, a blood pregnancy test will yield a positive result.
This can be followed by a urine pregnancy test and you can expect that to also yield a positive result.

The urine pregnancy test can be done at home. Your basal body temperature too will increase at this stage.
You will notice such increase when you plot the basal body temperature chart over a period of time.

In most instances, the final notice of pregnancy is when you miss your menstrual period. This may be the very first sign you will notice, especially if you have not been watching out for any of the other symptoms mentioned earlier. Make sure this is confirmed via blood and urine pregnancy tests.
When the Pregnancy symptoms are felt
The very first symptom of pregnancy can be felt just some days after the embryo gets attached and implanted to the uterus.

This is what is referred to as conception. This is exactly when you start feeling those early symptoms of pregnancy like the implantation bleeding, implantation cramp and elevated basal body temperature. It will also be followed by missed menstrual period.

You will start experiencing spotting at this stage. The spotting is what is referred to as implantation bleeding. In most instances, it occurs between one and two weeks following implantation.

Another sign to watch out for at this early stage of pregnancy is breast enlargement. The breast starts having this tingling feeling, tenderness and it starts to swell. When your breast suddenly feels full and heavier, you should suspect pregnancy. It occurs around the same time you start seeing implantation bleeding. Fatigue starts occurring at the point of implantation too.

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With this short guide, we hope you can now answer the question: “How Soon Can You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms?” . If you need more help, please refer to the detailed pregnancy week by week guide.

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