How to become a dermatologist: Salary, Job & Education

Who is a dermatologist?

A dermatologist differs from a pharmacist or dentist. A dermatologist is a specialist medical doctor who treats diseases and disorders related to the skin. He or she also treats ailments or diseases related to the nail, the mucous membrane and hair. If you have any problem on any of your mucous membrane, like the inner lining of your eyelids, nose and mouth, you can consult the dermatologist for outright medical attention.

While other medical practitioners may be able to handle such problems, a dermatologist is the best you can trust for reliable and perfect solution. How to become a dermatologist is not so difficult.

Those areas of the body mentioned earlier do experience at least 3000 various diseases and ailments, ranging from acne to nail infection, psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer and so on. Fortunately, all these skin diseases and disorders can be handled by the dermatologist. He is actually the final authority as regards these kinds of ailments. It is vital to learn How to become a dermatologist.

In addition treating hair, nail, skin and mucus membrane diseases and infections, the dermatologist can also use their professional expertise to improve on the appearance of these parts of the body. He can help to remove those signs of aging, like age spot and wrinkles. He can also help reduce the appearance of those acne scars via plastic surgery.

How to become a dermatologist

You would have graduated from high school and have good grades in science-related subjects. After this, you will have to proceed to the university and earn a Bachelor’s degree. You will then have to proceed to Medical School and get trained as a medical doctor. You can also be trained in Osteopathic Medicine. After your training as a doctor, you will have to go for one year internship.

During the internship year, you will learn about the skills involved in dermatology. You will also learn about how to apply your skills on patients. Internship exposes you to the patients and also teaches you how to handle their individual needs practically. Truth is you are not considered a medical doctor until you have actually rounded off your internship year.

How Long does it take to become a dermatologist

After your internship, you will have to proceed for residency training in dermatology. The number of years spent on residency training does differ from one country to the other. The minimum number of years is 3 years. This is the period during which you are trained in dermatology. After your training, you can then be referee to as a dermatologist.

You will have to sit for Board Examination after your residency training and this will determine if you can become a good dermatologist or not. The examinations are both oral and verbal in manner and you must pass them satisfactorily before you can become a dermatologist.

Dermatologist Salary and Job

If you are a male dermatologist, your salary will be in the neighborhood of $300,000. If you are a female dermatologist on the other hand, your salary will be in the neighborhood of $262,500. There are jobs available for dermatologists and they are in high demand across the globe. Skin problems are on the rise and this means more need for dermatologists. You will therefore not have problems getting a job after your training as a dermatologist. Hope you now know How to become a dermatologist.

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