How to get Bigger Boobs Fast Naturally (without Surgery) in 3 Easy Steps!

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2018)

This post is a comprehensive guide on How to get Bigger Boobs fast without surgery, a very effective guide on how to increase your breast size naturally. It is the best answer to the question: how can I get bigger boobs without Surgery? In order to know how to make your boobs bigger naturally, you need to thoroughly read and apply the tips given in this guide. You will surely find these tips invaluable.

If you do read this post and apply all the tips therein, then you will eventually have a good story to share about your small breast size. You will have a gradual but steady increase in breast size over time. Happy reading!

how can I get bigger boobs without Surgery?

It is a natural feeling to want to look better, happier and of course healthier. You want to know how to make your boobs bigger. You are not alone. There are millions of other ladies in your shoes.

Every lady is fully conscious of her looks and strives to make the best it has got to offer. One vital area a lady pays attention to (after the face) is her boobs. You will soon learn how to get bigger boobs naturally soon.

Yes, busty boobs tend to define a lady as being sexually attractive. Hence, you are reading this article because you want to know how to get bigger boobs. how to get bigger boobs It is not far-fetched, achieving a measurable increase in your bust is possible. You can achieve your desired boob’s size if only you are ready to give it all it takes.

I know you really want to know how to increase your breast size. You want to look like the next Hollywood star you see in movies. But first, you need to have the right attitude and appreciate you for who you are. Then, you can improve and learn How to get Bigger Boobs Naturally!

Just Before you Learn how to make your boobs bigger…

Appreciate your Body First

So many ladies out there look down upon themselves just because they often tend to compare their looks with another person’s. They get too desperate and start thinking how they could look like Miss B. Hey, you were created differently and not necessarily to model after another person.

In their frantic efforts to get busty, desperate ladies, who need instant boobs increase, take all sorts of ineffective treatments that do NOT work and eventually fall into depression! Hey, that is not the best way to go! Busty or not, the current body you live in is unique and proudly yours.

Therefore, be proud of it! Learn to appreciate yourself for who you uniquely are. Nobody can make you happy or sad without your consent. You must learn to love yourself, not minding what the other person feels about you. Here is some advice for you:

Stay Off Breast Implants

Many desperate women who want to boost their burst size resort to the use of surgical means such as breast augmentation, implantation and so on. Their argument is that breast enhancement surgery is very fast and achieve quick results.

Unfortunately, that is not absolutely correct. Breast having a enhancement surgery is not the best way to go because:

  • It is very expensive. A simple surgical breast enhancement procedure costs thousands of dollars.
  • It is not failure-proof and could fail
  • It may lead to devastating psychological side effects in the future
  • It may increase the chances of having breast cancer, for example as in silicon transplant
  • It may hinder the ability to breastfeed your babies in future
  • Implants could rupture and expose your breast to infections
  • Overwhelming, complicated cases of breast infection from Breast implant could lead to mastectomy (surgical removal of one or both breasts)

Natural Breast Growth is the Best! Growing your breast tissue naturally is the best approach to achieve your desired breast size. By “natural”, we mean growing your breast by eating breast-enhancing foods, doing chest-enhancing exercises and breast massage. The 3 most important methods to increase your breast size are:

  1. Exercise
  2. Food
  3. Breast Massage

But, hey… you do NOT need to fake your boobs size, INSTEAD GROW IT NATURALLY!

How to get Bigger Boobs Naturally in 3 Easy Steps

1. Exercises to make your Boobs grow bigger

Based on the anatomy of your body, your breasts lie over the major chest muscle called Pectoralis Major. The aim of a breast-enhancing exercise will be to strengthen this muscle so that your boosts can remain firm and protrude outwards.

So, let’s take a quick look at some of the breast-enhancing exercises that will help to make your boobs grow bigger.


You can do the normal chest push-ups, 50 to 100 times every morning as a routine for 2 weeks. Start small and increase the count gradually, until you can cope.

Chest Press:

You can do this by using at least two dumbbells, and a swiss ball or alternatively, you can use a bench if you can get a swiss ball.

Rear Lateral Raise:

This is done by raising two dumbbells to face each other. Make your back flat in almost a horizontal fashion by bending your kneel and body slightly.

Now, raise your upper arms to the sides, making sure they are almost at your shoulder height. Then, lower your arms repeatedly for a up to 20 rounds or more.

2. Eat Healthy to Grow your Boobs

Well, everybody is talking about losing weight these days. However, when it comes to increasing your breast size, you need to add a little weight. Why?

Breast tissues are 75% made up of fat, while the remaining 25% is contributed by the milk-producing alveoli cells, lobes and ducts. So, being too slim can reduce the amount of fat in your breast.

In addition, women who have high production of the “male hormone” called testosterone and little oestrogen (female hormone) are likely to have small breasts.

Eat good Foods!

There are a number of foods that can help grow your breast to their full potential. However, you should avoid foods that tend to increase your testosterone production and consume more of oestrogen-producing foods.

That is one of the surest ways to have big boobs. In addition, research has shown that dietary oestrogens or phytoestrogens can be found in some plant-based diets containing.

Foods that Contain Oestrogen

Oil Seeds and Nuts: These include walnuts, cashew seeds, chest nuts, sesame seeds and oils, Fenugreeks and others.

Whole Grains:

These include wholegrain breads, popcorn, quinoa, brown rice wheat, oat, rye, barley, wheatgerm, corn, millet, crisp breads and so on.

Meat Products: Stay off beef and other forms of red meat! But you can eat chicken and chicken products including eggs.

Vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, ginseng Alfalfa, licorice root, Fenugreek leaves, clover, collards, garlics, beets, winter squash, and so on.

Legumes: These include beans, green beans, mung beans and so on.

Soya Bean Products such as soymilk, soy yoghurt, tofu, soy nuts and so on.

3. Massage with Breast Active Cream to make your Boobs grow bigger

Breast massage is a vital way to improve blood flow to the breast and promote the healthy growth of your breast tissues.

It also helps you get rid of toxins and improve hormone circulation so that the breast tissues can grow optimally. See the image guide below:


Breast Actives Review

Many women desire to enlarge their breasts, since bigger or well rounded breast makes a woman look sexier. If the truth must be told, many men will give their right arm to marry a woman with well rounded breast.

Yes, Bigger, firmer breast has a sexual appeal to it that many men are not able to resist. If your breast is not big enough, there are quite a number of things you can do to help you enlarge the breast and make it more beautiful–as we have already explained earlier.

However, going for dangerous breast implants is never an option. As explained above, you can do chest-enhancing exercises ad consume oestrogen-rich foods that improve on the rate of development of your breast tissue.

Yet another very effective method you can implement involves the use of breast active cream to massage your breasts. Many have used the breast active cream and have Sworn that it can work wonders.

You may want to give it a try too. It is certain that you will love the outcome. Some of the things you must know.


about the breast active cream will be discussed below. What does Breast Active contain? Breast active cream is a natural cream. Everything contained in it is completely natural. The ingredients are added together to give you a more noticeable, curvier and firmer breast and can help you on your journey to learn how to get bigger boobs.

It also works very fast and this is one of the factors that make it very special and highly desired by many women. Breast actives is presented in form of a multifaceted system.

It also involves the use of the exercise programs that can help enlarge the breast faster, breast enhancing cream and breast enlargement dietary supplements. With the breast active cream, you can never get it wrong. That is sure to help increase the size of your breast in no time at all.

If the truth must be told, breast actives cream is the best natural breast enhancer product among those being sold on the market today. You will need to use it if you want to learn how to get bigger boobs.

Why Breast Actives is Unique

As hinted earlier, only natural substances make up the Breast Active Cream. Some of the natural substances in it are blessed thistle, dandelion root and fennel seeds. There are several others aside the ones mentioned. These ingredients ensure an improved growth in breast tissue.

The ingredients in Breast actives have never been known to have any dangerous side effect since the cream has been in use. If you are worried about how safe it is, then you should stop worrying– there is no cause to be worried at all as far as the breast active cream is concerned.

Breast actives cream is completely safe and will increase your breast size in no time if you use it as prescribed.

How does Breast Active work? The three-step formula contained in the Breast Active Cream works together and they are interdependent. This means the cream combines three step action together in order to get the desired outcome from the use of this chemical.

One of the ways they work is by increasing the amount of fat stored in the breast tissue. The Breast Active Cream contains Pueraia Mirifica, Red clover extract and Aloe Vera.

The cream ensures permanent increase in the size of your breast. Some of the exercises in the program include chest exercise, massage techniques and talks about dietary changes.

To achieve quicker results, it is recommended that you massage your breasts daily with the powerful breast-enhancement Breast Active, for up to 1 month.

Many people have claimed to achieve the needed bust size after using the Breast Active Cream. We recommend you try it too.

See more about Breast Active here. We hope you find this guide on how to get bigger boobs helpful. If so, try to share this post on social media so that your friends too can benefit. Feel free to send your suggestions and questions in the comment section. Best of luck!

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