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An Itchy Breast? Don’t let it embarrass you, Treat it Fast!!!

An itchy breast can be very annoying because it often presents with an unpleasant itch that would not go away no matter how hard you try. Breast itching is common and may be a sign of a dangerous health condition. That is not to scare you though. Ensure you don’t take any form of itch around the breast area lightly.

The breast itch could worsen or even become uncomfortable on the bra, making you want to take off the breast completely! Quite often, you could ordinarily have breasts that are itchy during pregnancy. However, sometimes, there could be tell-tale signs that the itch is no longer ordinary. Particularly when it becomes too irritating or recurrent, it is best you see your doctor for further investigation.

Causes of an Itchy Breast

If you have an itchy nipple accompanied by scaly rash, it could be a symptom of Paget’s disease of the breast. If the itch is accompanied by swelling, redness, pain and breast dimpling which looks like an orange skin— then it could be a sign of IBC, Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Not every itch that comes your way is caused by breast cancer or Paget’s disease, since these two medical conditions are often not common causes. More common causes are:

  • Dry irritant skin around the breast area
  • Psoriasis
  • Skin allergies
  • Strong laundry soap
  • Heat rashes
  • Eczema
  • Strong and new perfume

Home Treatment Methods for itchy breasts

Examine carefully the skin area surrounding your nipple. If you find patches, then it means you have dry skin patches. So washing your breasts gently with a mild soap and soft sponge will instantly remove the patches and bring relief.

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Ensure your bra is always dry and clean to prevent bacteria or growth of other harmful microbes from causing itching around your breast area.

If you have a dry skin, it is advisable you use an anti-itch cream on the breast area. An ideal anti-itch breast cream should contain camphor, analgesic and menthol to produce soothing relief. It should be safe and mild on your breast skin area to prevent allergic reactions which may further worsen an itchy breast. You may want to apply some moisturizers like Breast Actives  which enhances,  soothes and prevents breast cancer.

Don’t wear bra at all times, especially if you are at home or sleeping. This relaxes and reduces the strain on your breasts.

In cases of cracked and itchy nipples which may be indicative of eczema, you may apply topical steroids to relieve the itch. Eczema is common especially among teenagers and will affect both nipples. Additionally, you should see your doctor in case there is a more serious underlying health condition.

Jogger nipple produces symptoms of burning sensation, most common among middle-aged women. It is often caused by long-distance activities such as running or jogging, or friction from tight clothing or long, over-stayed bra. To relieve Jogger nipple, you can apply petroleum jelly and take off the bra when at home.

An itchy breast is not something you should simply ignore. It could be a sign of more serious health conditions, particularly if the itching is recurrent or the breast is painful or swollen. Take appropriate precautions to prevent a breast itch. And do ensure you report early enough to your doctor if the itch persists.

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