How to Treat Fatty Liver Disease

Do you know that millions of people including you are currently looking for fatty liver disease treatment options currently? In fact, Non alcoholic Fatty liver disease is the most common fatty liver disease in the US and other nations, affecting up to 24% of the world population. About 29 million Americans currently have fatty liver disease, while about 6.4 million have the more severe form, Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis. Children are not spared either?

What is a fatty liver disease?

Fatty liver disease results when there is excessive accumulation of fat in the hepatic cells of the liver. Usually, there is increasing accumulation of fat in the liver as you consume a greater amount of fat than your body can cope with. Doctors usually diagnose fatty liver disease if fat constitutes nothing less than 5% of the liver constituent.

Although simple fatty liver could be a harmless condition that does not result in liver damage, it is better not to have this because having even simple fatty liver can predispose you to more injury, leading to liver scarring and inflammation.

Causes of fatty liver disease

So far, obesity has been attributed as a major cause of fatty liver disease. Obesity is now a major problem that opens to the door to many other serious health conditions, of which fatty liver disease plays a crucial role. It has been found that 75% of overweight people can actually have simple fatty liver disease. As if that is not enough, about 23% of these obese individuals will likely come down with fatty liver alongside inflammation.

Conditions that often follow and even contribute to fatty liver disease include elevated lipids in the blood or hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, as well as high blood pressure and insulin resistance.
Genetic factors, chemicals as well as drugs such as carbon tetrachloride alcohol, tetracycline and corticosteroids can predispose you to having fatty liver disease.

Your waist size can also be a big deal

Too much abdominal fat has been linked with fatty liver disease and many other health tendencies highlighted above. In other words, Waist measurements can be used to discover the likely health risks peculiar to having excess fat in the abdomen. If you are a man and your waist circumference exceeds 40 in, then you have a high chance of having the disease. For women, their risks increase when their waist circumference exceeds 35 in.

The Process of liver Fat Accumulation

Fat from the diet usually get broken down by other tissues and the liver. Excess fat gets stored in the fatty tissues of the liver when the amount of fat exceeds the normal body needs. Fat obtained from other areas could also be transferred to the liver. Fatty liver could also result when there is defective liver function to convert it to something that can easily be metabolized or eliminated.

Fatty liver disease also Affect Children

Because of the alarming increase in childhood obesity, fatty liver disease is also currently common in children. Increasing standards of living and extreme habits of nutrition have made 1 in 10 children in the US obese. Research has shown that this disease now affects about 3% of our seemingly healthy children, and as high as 53% of the children who are obese. As surprising as it seems, fatty liver disease has now been found in four year old children.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease

Generally, those who have fatty liver do not show any symptoms. However, a few of them may experience pains in the abdominal area, particularly at the liver level. Others experience fatigue, malaise. Sometimes vague discomforts are also common.

Diagnosis of Fatty liver

It is easy to suspect fatty liver disease in patients who have hepatomegaly. Abnormal liver function test can also raise the doctor’s suspicion. A liver ultrasound, for example, can also indicate the presence of this fatty liver disease in a patient. Sometimes, your doctor can decide to do liver biopsy on you. Liver biopsy is a short surgical procedure in which the doctor sticks a needle and extracts a sample liver tissue for further tests. He will then need to examine the tissue under the microscope.

Now… let’s talk about fatty liver disease treatment

The choice of fatty liver disease treatment usually depends on what causes it. Currently, it is difficult to ascertain which patients would progress to inflammatory liver disease due to fatty liver. But provided you have simple fat accumulation, the liver tissues become more susceptible to more injury, leading to scarring and inflammation of the liver.

A good fatty liver disease treatment option for obese patients is to seek a gradual but regular weight loss via adequate exercise and good eating habits. For those who have diabetes and excessive blood lipids, they should see their doctor in order to enhance their blood sugar monitoring and reduce their blood levels of lipids. Usually, low calorie diets are best for you, and you should take your insulin medications to reduce blood sugar if you are diabetic, as advised by your physician.

As at today, there is yet no fatty liver disease treatment option clinically proven to adequately treat fatty liver disease conditions well. However, because the disease is now common, the scientific researchers have come up with some clinical trials, in order to look at various treatments of fatty liver disease.

Prevention is even cheaper, better than cure!

Adopt a good life style and prevent obesity, since it remains the major cause cause of fatty liver disease and other devastating diseases. Eat a healthy diet and do exercise to lose weight. You can also start an exercise routine, may be three times a week at least. It is okay to enjoy walking, gardening, swimming and stretching. However, do all you can to stay away from alcohol, especially if your doctor says you are prone to having fatty liver disease or a close family member already has the disease. The best form of fatty liver disease treatment is a good lifestyle and healthy eating habits.

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