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Planet Fitness Teen Summer Program: A Comprehensive Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts

As summer approaches, teenagers across the nation are on the lookout for engaging activities to fill their time. Planet Fitness, one of the largest and fastest-growing fitness center franchises, recognizes this need and is stepping up to offer a remarkable solution.

The High School Summer Pass™ program, aimed at high school students ages 14-19, grants teens free access to over 2,400 Planet Fitness locations from May 16 through August 31.

Originally launched in 2019 under the name Teen Summer Challenge, the program aims to keep young individuals active and healthy during their summer break.

With school sports programs, gym classes, and after-school activities winding down, Planet Fitness offers a welcoming and judgment-free environment for teens looking for a way to maintain their fitness routines.

To participate, teenagers simply need to register on the Planet Fitness website and download the free PF App to obtain their digital club pass.

As summer boredom becomes a thing of the past, the High School Summer Pass™ program provides an excellent opportunity for teens to stay active, boost their physical and mental well-being, and make the most of their summer vacations.

Overview of Planet Fitness Teen Summer Program

Planet Fitness offers a Teen Summer Program designed to provide free workouts for teenagers aged 14 to 19 during their summer break. The program not only encourages physical fitness but also aims to promote mental well-being among the participants. Teens can participate in the program between May 15 and August 31 at any one of Planet Fitness’s 1,700+ gym locations.

Registration for the Teen Summer Program is simple. For teenagers under 18, a parent or guardian must sign a waiver, after which the teen can work out independently.

Once registered, they can enjoy free access to the gym facilities, providing them a great opportunity to stay active throughout the summer.

Besides promoting physical fitness among teenagers, the Teen Summer Program also offers exciting incentives. Planet Fitness is giving away $200,000 to high schools and students as part of the program.

Teens who register for the program can help their schools win a grant and participate in a video contest for a chance to win a scholarship.

Moreover, new research finds that 91% of teens wish to stay active during the summer, believing that exercise positively impacts mental health, focus, and school performance.

Planet Fitness conducted a national study revealing that 61% of teens face mental health challenges, and 93% recognize the positive impact of fitness on their lives, leading to healthier lifestyles in adulthood.

In conclusion, the Planet Fitness Teen Summer Program offers teenagers a fantastic opportunity to work out for free during their summer break, promoting physical health, mental well-being, and a sense of community among participating schools and students. Don’t miss out on this exceptional program – register today and supercharge your summer!

Sign Up Process

Signing up for the Planet Fitness Teen Summer Program is a straightforward process. To begin, eligible teens between the ages of 14 and 19 can visit the Planet Fitness website to register for the High School Summer Pass. Ensure that your local Planet Fitness location offers the program before signing up.

Keep in mind that all teens under the age of 18 must register with a parent or guardian, either online or in person at a participating club location. For those in Canada, the age limit is increased to teens under the age of 19. Be prepared to provide identification to confirm the participant’s age during the sign-up process.

Once registered, participants can download the free Planet Fitness app to get their digital club pass. This pass allows teens to access their home club facility throughout the summer.

Remember that the program runs from May 15th to August 31st, ensuring a fun and active way to spend the summer months.

Adhering to the eligibility requirements while participating in the program is essential. The program’s objective is to provide high schoolers with a safe, fun, and judgment-free environment to stay active during their summer break.

By following the sign-up process and ensuring that a parent or guardian is involved for those under 18, teens can enjoy a free summer gym membership at Planet Fitness.

Fitness Classes and Activities

Planet Fitness offers a variety of fitness classes and activities to help teens stay active and engaged during the free High School Summer Pass™ program. Participants can choose from a wide range of workouts to suit their interests and fitness levels. The key is to make exercise enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

Certified trainers are available at Planet Fitness centers throughout the summer to provide guidance and support for teens participating in the program. These trainers can help young people develop an effective workout routine, ensuring they stay motivated and committed to their fitness goals. From strength training to cardio exercises, fitness trainers can help create a customized plan tailored to individual needs.

In addition to the invaluable support from certified trainers, Planet Fitness offers a variety of fitness classes exclusive to the High School Summer Pass™ program.

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These classes cater specifically to teens, providing a fun, engaging, and supportive environment for them to work out. Teens can expect to participate in activities such as circuit training, endurance workouts, and functional strength exercises.

Teens are encouraged to try out different classes and activities during their summer gym membership at Planet Fitness. With access to an extensive range of equipment and facilities in the fitness center, participants can explore various workout options. The program aims to foster a sense of independence and personal growth in teens as they learn to navigate the world of fitness and healthy living.

By participating in the High School Summer Pass™ program, teens can build a strong foundation for a lifetime of fitness. Planet Fitness is committed to providing a judgment-free environment that encourages and supports young people in achieving their goals, and the comprehensive array of fitness classes and activities reflects this commitment.

Teen Engagement and Challenges

The High School Summer Pass™ program by Planet Fitness aims to engage teens aged 14-19 by offering them free gym access during the summer months. This program provides a fantastic opportunity for teenagers to stay active, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and engage in a community that supports their wellness journey.

One aspect of the program that fosters engagement is the challenges that the gym offers. These activities create a sense of friendly competition among the participants and encourage them to push their boundaries.

Challenges range from completing specific workouts to achieving personal fitness milestones, offering diverse and exciting opportunities for growth.

Another key factor in engaging teenagers is the integration of the leaderboard system within the High School Summer Pass™. This feature enables participants to compare their progress and accomplishments with their peers in a fun and encouraging way. With the leaderboard, teens can celebrate and motivate each other, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support.

Recognizing the popularity of social media among teenagers, Planet Fitness also incorporates TikTok into the experience. By creating TikTok-specific challenges and content, the gym brings a trendy, virtual component to the program.

This approach not only increases the program’s appeal but also enables participants to connect with others, share their experiences, and gather fitness tips – all while remaining within the familiar digital realm of TikTok.

The High School Summer Pass™ makes it easy for teens to participate with their friends. By offering a group-oriented experience, the program becomes more entertaining and enjoyable, effectively addressing one of the primary challenges faced when trying to engage teenagers.

From working out in pairs to cheering each other on as they make progress, the program naturally encourages camaraderie and teamwork.

In summary, the High School Summer Pass™ program by Planet Fitness successfully addresses the challenges of engaging teenagers in fitness by providing a competitive and social experience. Through challenges, leaderboards, TikTok integration, and friends, the program offers a unique environment where teenagers can stay physically active while fostering a sense of community and support.

Mental Health and Wellness

Planet Fitness offers a special program for teenagers during the summer called the Teen Summer Challenge, which focuses on promoting both physical and mental health. The program is designed for teens aged 14 to 19 and is aimed at providing them with a healthy outlet to boost their mental wellness during their break from academic and extracurricular activities.

With the increased awareness surrounding mental health struggles in recent years, initiatives like the Teen Summer Challenge are important in fostering an environment where teens can build self-confidence and work on managing stress levels.

By engaging in regular physical exercises, teens can reduce anxiety levels and establish constructive habits conducive to their overall well-being.

A significant benefit of the Teen Summer Challenge is that it provides teens with a structured and supportive place where they can work on their physical health, which in turn can impact their mental health positively.

During the program, teens have full access to the gym facilities, thereby encouraging consistent exercise routines, leading to the release of endorphins that help in decreasing stress, anxiety, and feelings of emotional distress.

Participating in a structured exercise program like the Teen Summer Challenge can also have a positive impact on teens’ self-confidence as they set and accomplish personal fitness goals.

This sense of accomplishment can greatly improve their mental wellness, aiding in their overall growth and development.

By incorporating elements that specifically address mental health and wellness into their program, Planet Fitness is taking an active role in promoting comprehensive health initiatives for teenagers.

Their dedication to addressing the connection between physical and mental health demonstrates the importance of acknowledging and supporting the complexities of health and wellness for young people.

Planet Fitness Teen Summer Program

Physical and Academic Benefits

Participating in Planet Fitness’ teen summer program offers several advantages for young people between the ages of 14 and 19, particularly in terms of physical and academic development. Engaging in regular physical activity improves not only strength, endurance, and overall well-being but also positively impacts cognitive function and academic performance.

During the summer months, when school is out and extracurricular activities like sports and gym classes are in recess, it becomes even more crucial for adolescents to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

The program provides an opportunity for teens to combat summer boredom and make physical wellness a priority.

Numerous studies have shown that regular exercise can directly correlate with better academic achievement. Physical activity has been proven to enhance memory, attention, and learning abilities.

Furthermore, by focusing on fitness goals and maintaining a consistent exercise routine, teenagers can also develop discipline and time management skills that will serve them well in their academic pursuits.

The Planet Fitness teen summer program also emphasizes the importance of mental health. During this critical developmental stage, it’s essential to nurture both the mind and the body. By offering a supportive environment and a chance for teens to socialize, the program helps to alleviate stress and develop healthy habits that contribute to an overall sense of well-being.

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In summary, the physical and academic benefits of enrolling in Planet Fitness’ summer program for teens are multi-faceted. Through regular exercise, participating adolescents can develop valuable skills and habits that not only enhance their physical wellness but also contribute to their academic success.

High School Summer Pass Contest

Planet Fitness is offering an exciting opportunity for high school students aged 14-19 to participate in their High School Summer Pass Contest. The contest is an opportunity for students to combine fitness and creativity while having a chance to win academic scholarships.

The main highlight of the High School Summer Pass Contest is the chance to win a grand prize: a $10,000 scholarship. Students can enter the contest by creating and submitting an original TikTok video showcasing their workouts, fitness journey, or any other related content they find inspiring.

Planet Fitness encourages students to let their creativity shine through in their video submissions, as both originality and entertainment value will be considered when determining the contest winner. By integrating the social media platform TikTok, Planet Fitness aims to reach more teens, making the contest engaging and up-to-date with current trends.

To participate in the Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass Contest, teens must complete the following steps:

  1. Sign up for the free High School Summer Pass at any of the participating Planet Fitness clubs or online with a parent/guardian if under 18.
  2. Create an original TikTok video showcasing your fitness journey or an inspiring workout.
  3. Submit the video following the contest rules and guidelines.

With the High School Summer Pass Contest, Planet Fitness strives to promote both physical and mental well-being among high school students during their summer break. The contest allows teens to maintain a healthy lifestyle, have fun, and potentially earn financial support for their future education.

Planet Fitness App and Digital Resources

Planet Fitness offers a FREE High School Summer Pass for teens ages 14-19. The program allows participants access to various digital resources, enhancing their fitness experience at any of the over 2,200 Planet Fitness locations nationwide.

One of the main digital resources offered is the Planet Fitness App. The app is designed to provide participants with their digital club pass, enabling them to access any gym easily and efficiently. The app also helps users keep track of their check-in streaks, aiming to motivate them to continue their fitness journey consistently.

The app doesn’t limit itself to just summer pass participants; it includes workout plans for high schoolers, regardless of their fitness level. These plans are uniquely tailored to the needs of younger fitness enthusiasts, providing a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Another valuable feature available on the Planet Fitness App is the video library. This library houses various workout videos that cater to different fitness goals, exercise types, and difficulty levels. Users can browse the library and embark on their fitness journey with the help of these instructional videos. Additionally, in-club certified trainers offer free fitness training, ensuring a comprehensive workout experience.

In summary, the Planet Fitness App and digital resources enhance the experience for teens participating in the free High School Summer Pass program. Providing easy access, workout plans, a video library, and a connection to certified trainers, the app acts as a personal fitness companion for teenagers, guiding them on a path to a healthier lifestyle during the summer months.

Safety and Support Measures

Planet Fitness is dedicated to providing a judgment-free environment for teens participating in their summer program. This commitment ensures a welcoming and safe atmosphere for young individuals to work out without fear of being judged for their fitness levels or abilities.

Guidance is key to ensuring that teens have a productive and secure experience at the gym. Planet Fitness staff are available to provide assistance to participants, ensuring they understand how to use equipment safely and effectively. This support helps teens develop proper techniques, reducing the risk of injury during their workouts.

Taking responsibility for the well-being of its young members is an essential aspect of the Planet Fitness teen summer program. The facilities are carefully monitored to maintain cleanliness and safety standards, allowing teens to focus on improving their physical fitness.

In summary, Planet Fitness prioritizes the safety and well-being of its teen members by fostering a judgment-free environment, providing guidance, and upholding high standards for its facilities. This approach allows teens to engage in the summer program with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that they have a supportive, knowledgeable, and secure space to work out.

Official Rules and Guidelines

The Planet Fitness Teen Summer Challenge allows high school students aged 14-19 to work out for free at any Planet Fitness location in the United States and Canada. This program aims to provide teenagers with a fun, safe, and judgment-free environment to stay active during the summer months.

To participate in the Teen Summer Challenge, teens under 18 in the U.S. and under 19 in Canada must register with a parent or guardian either online or in-club. Once registered, participants will receive a digital club pass in the free Planet Fitness App. The pass grants access to the participating clubs from May 16th through August 31st.

In addition to the free gym access, the Teen Summer Challenge also offers a chance to enter the sweepstakes. Participants can win monetary prizes in the form of scholarships or donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. The sweepstakes are open only to legal residents of the United States and Canada, including the District of Columbia, but excluding Quebec.

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Please note the following time restrictions for the program:

  • The free gym access is valid from May 16th to August 31st.
  • The sweepstakes entry period may vary depending on the specific promotion.

In conclusion, the Planet Fitness Teen Summer Challenge provides an excellent opportunity for high school students to maintain an active lifestyle during the summer while also having a chance to win valuable prizes. Be sure to follow the official rules and guidelines to make the most of this program and spend your summer working out in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Program Locations and Availability

The Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass™ program is specifically designed for high school students aged 14 to 19, giving them the opportunity to work out for free during the summer months. With over 2,400 fitness centers across the United States and Canada, teens have the opportunity to access a variety of locations to accommodate their needs.

These designated fitness centers provide a vast array of workout equipment and amenities to ensure a fulfilling and effective exercise experience. By taking part in the program, teens can begin to integrate regular physical activity into their routine, benefiting both their physical and mental well-being.

In order to participate in the High School Summer Pass™ program, teens under 18 years old need to sign up with a parent or guardian, either online or in person at their preferred fitness center. This accessible registration process helps encourage more teens to join and stay active during the summer months.

Once registered, participants can visit their designated Planet Fitness location anytime from May to August. By offering free memberships for this age group, Planet Fitness aims to create an inclusive environment that encourages teens to prioritize their fitness and overall health throughout the summer months.

It is important to note that the availability of the program may differ for each location due to varying schedules, capacities, and local restrictions. To find the closest Planet Fitness location near you, simply use the Planet Fitness locator tool available on their website. This will provide up-to-date information on each center, ensuring that participants have a clear understanding of the program’s availability in their area.

Planet Fitness Commitment to Health

Planet Fitness, one of the largest and fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness centers, is dedicated to promoting health and wellness among teens. Their High School Summer Pass program offers teenagers aged 14-19 the opportunity to work out for free in more than 2,400 Planet Fitness locations across the United States and Canada. This initiative aims to encourage teens to maintain an active lifestyle, following the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has shown that many teenagers lack regular physical activity.

The Human Kinetics Journal also highlights the importance of youths engaging in regular exercise to support their physical and mental well-being. In response to these findings, Planet Fitness created the High School Summer Pass program to provide accessible fitness resources to teens.

As part of its commitment to health, Planet Fitness also offers a range of health and wellness classes to support teens in achieving their fitness goals. These classes cater to various skill levels and interests, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Additionally, Planet Fitness provides athletic equipment suitable for both beginners and advanced users, allowing teens to explore different workout options safely.

To further impact communities, Planet Fitness contributes to field renovations at local high schools. These donations help improve the quality and accessibility of sports fields, fostering a healthier environment for students to engage in physical activities.

By offering free summer gym memberships to teens, providing health and wellness classes, and supporting local schools with athletic equipment and field renovations, Planet Fitness demonstrates its ongoing commitment to promoting youth health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements for the teen summer program?

The teen summer program is open to teens ages 14-19. For individuals under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must sign a waiver.

How do teens sign up for the free summer membership?

Teens can register for the free summer membership by visiting a participating Planet Fitness location. A parent or guardian must be present to sign a waiver for those under 18 years old.

Where can I find a participating Planet Fitness location?

Visit the Planet Fitness website to search for participating gym locations.

What are the start and end dates for the summer program?

The free teen summer memberships are valid from May 15th through August 31st.

Are there any restrictions for teens using the facilities?

Teens must adhere to Planet Fitness’ rules and regulations while using the gym facilities. It’s essential to be aware of and follow any age-specific restrictions that may apply.

How can a teen link their summer pass to the Planet Fitness app?

After registering for the summer pass at a participating gym, teens can download the Planet Fitness app and follow the instructions to link their summer pass for a seamless gym experience.


Planet Fitness’ teen summer program successfully addresses the need for high school students to stay active and maintain their physical and mental well-being during their vacation months. By inviting teens ages 14-19 to work out for free at any of their locations, Planet Fitness demonstrates a commitment to promoting healthy habits that can carry into adulthood.

The positive impact of regular exercise on mental health cannot be understated, especially for teenagers who often face significant stress and pressure both academically and socially. By providing access to fitness centers, the program encourages teens to prioritize their well-being and develop a greater appreciation for physical fitness.

Furthermore, due to Planet Fitness being one of the largest and fastest-growing franchisors in the United States, participants have ample options when it comes to choosing a convenient location to engage in their summer fitness journey. Ultimately, this accessibility is a vital component in making the program accessible to as many teens as possible.

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