Where to Get STD Check Up (Anonymous STD Testing) in Las Vegas & other US states!

We recently got a mail from an anonymous reader asking where he could get an anonymous std testing done in the United States. The dude lives in the Las Vegas area. He needed my expert opinion and review on where and how to go about it. That is why I choose to answer the question in this detailed guide so that other people having similar issues can benefit.


This is one of the best guides online about where and how to do anonymous STD testing in the United States, including the Las Vegas area. This steps discussed here also works for std testing (nyc) New York city and thousands of testing centers in the States.

Before we discuss the details, let’s give quick background information.

“STD Testing” basically means testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and infections in a sexually active person. Anonymous STD Testing means that an extra measure of identity protection is guaranteed to conceal the HIV status of an individual from any third party. In other words, nobody else apart from the testing center knows about your STD status without your approval—not even your partner!

Some of the Sexually Transmitted Infections covered under anonymous STD check up include HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, Hepatitis B, Herpes, Human Papilloma virus and so on.

However, anonymous STD test doesn’t exist in the United States, except for HIV. All other STDs are statutorily reportable diseases in all states of the US. However, there is a way around this. We will explain how to go about getting tested anonymously shortly using STDCheck.

Why We Recommend STD Check

While writing this guide, we researched and analyzed a number of online testing laboratories with the right facilities to protect your identity. We found out that STDCheck does have the necessary facilities in place for protection than others. They also have a high customer satisfaction rating.

Here are some other features STD Check provides:

  • Cheaper services than most labs
  • Acceptance of gift cards
  • No need for insurance
  • Little identification
  • Providing a unique customer identification system
  • 24 hour over the phone Counseling and treatment by doctors
  • Erasure of customer number from their database to ensure 100% confidentiality
  • 5 Minute Testing with Results in 1 to 2 days
  • Same Day STD Testing also an available option
  • All Tests are Approved by the FDA
  • Has over  4,000 Testing Centers throughout the US

Check out STDCheck  here.

How to do Anonymous STD testing in the United States

If you are really looking to erase any evidence of you getting tested for all STDs, this step by step guide provides you with all you need to do. If you follow these steps, only you will know the results of your test. Neither will your name be reported to any government agency in charge of keeping records of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

In addition, you will not only be able to check your STD status but also get treatment anonymously for several STDs. So, here we go:

Step 1:

Always Surf the net in a Private Browsing Session

You will need to change some settings, such as clearing the cache in your browser to achieve this.

For Firefox users, go to your browser History and Clear your Recent History. Check all the boxes and hit the Clear Now button.

For Internet Explorer users: Select Tools from your Internet Options. Next, hit the Delete Button… located in the Browsing History. Make sure you leave the first box unchecked and check all the other boxes apart from “Passwords.” Next, click Delete and hit OK.

Now, reload this page or come back to this guide!.

Step 2

Get a new identity

You will need a pseudo name, temporary phone number and a new email address to hide your identity.

  1. Use a new name, you must create a pseudo name (not your real name!) that can easily be remembered vividly by you. Do not use the name of a celeb. Instead, you can simply alter your current name so that it is easier to remember from your real name. For example, if your name is “Michael Alex” you could alter it to something like “Lexa Lechim”. Hope you got the gist?
  2. Choosing your Date of Birth. You can choose any other birth date apart from your real number. It is up to you to choose a DOB you will be able to remember when asked!
  • Email Address

You should create a new email address from a new email provider you are not currently using. Outlook is highly recommended! Although they may require a mobile phone number, but be rest assured Outlook doesn’t usually verify it. Now, enter your new email prefix to begin the registration process on Outlook.

Congratulations, if you find a good email prefix not yet taken. Jot down this email prefix somewhere and wait for a minute. Proceed below to get the temporary phone number needed to complete your email registration!

  1. To get a temporary phone number in order to finish the sign up process, you need an online application that can provide you with a free disposable phone number. Hushed is a perfect option. The service will give you a free phone number if you supply your email address but will NOT verify it. So, no need to worry! Now, enter your email address- the outlook email address you are trying to create in the earlier Step 2 iii) above. Hushed will need the email address the next time you want to login.

Next, go back to your email address sign up process at Outlook.com and complete your registration. Supply your new identity (name, date of birth and mobile phone number). You will be directed to your inbox after successfully signing up.

Next: Proceed to step 3

Step 3:

Choosing a Method of Payment

  1. Log on to STDCheck and choose the type of test you want. Calculate the total cost of the test you want to order. However, don’t order any STD tests yet. Proceed to 2 below!
  2. Close your internet browser. You will not to buy a gift card from a drug or grocery store with enough money that equals the cost of STD test fees you want to order. Getting a gift card is better than a VISA or prepaid card since gift cards don’t usually carry any names or identity. Besides, you can discard after using the money on the card.

Now, proceed to step 4 to complete your STD tests ordering process.


Step 4

Order the STD tests anonymously…

  • Repeat the steps under Step 1 and open a private browsing section. Come back to this guide!
  • Now, return to the STDCheck site . Select the STD tests you want and place the order. You will automatically get a $10 discount if you order through us!
  • Order the tests with your new identity. Note that some states labs may require that your name is printed on the lab form. The laboratory will call you by that name to provide your sample. You will also need to use that name if you test positive to any STD if the doctor puts a prescription to the pharmacy.

Note that you don’t need to prove your identity to pick up an antibiotic prescription. However, to stay anonymous you won’t be able to use your health insurance.

  • To find a convenient test center, you need to enter the most appropriate zip code in your nearest location.
  • Pay for the STD testing with the gift card you bought. Don’t forget to use the email address you created!
  • Now, shred the gift card and your session notes. However you must write down your name, birth date, email address and password in a safe place so that you don’t forget!
  • FPK Services will send you an email containing your order form. Print this form and take it to your chosen lab. Depending on the state, the order form may carry your customer number or name.

Step 5

What to do at the STD Test Centre

Make sure you do NOT carry anything that would reveal your true identity into the lab. Your wallet, insurance, ID, credit cards etc must be out of sight. The test center will not ask for any identification. Only your lab form is required. In case you asked why you are there (though, unlikely!), explain that you are there for a diagnostic test. Diagnostic test doesn’t require a form of identification, only drug tests do!

Wait for them to call you by your customer number or name. (Don’t forget your new name, lol!!!). Give  your samples  when you are called and  leave the premises afterwards.

You should now tear your copy of the lab form and tear to shreds as you won’t be needing it anymore.


Step 6

Getting the Results of your Test & Treatment Anonymously

You should receive another mail from FPK Services in another day or two. The email should contain a detailed instruction on how to access your test results. You will need to call 800-456-2323 if your result is positive to schedule consultation with a doctor. The doctor will review the results and discuss possible treatment options with you.

Don’t hesitate to seek treatment ASAP when you test positive for STDs. It is often a wise decision to find out the doctor’s prescription if it is antibiotics and order it yourself from another pharmacy or online through another doctor. You won’t be able to pay with your insurance under your new identity if you allow the doctor call in a prescription.

When ordering prescription in a pharmacy, most pharmacies may ask you for your name and address of new patients. Don’t worry! You can use any name and address as this will never be used by the pharmacy.


Step 7

Clean up Your Email

Logon to your email. Delete all emails and clean up the account. To remain totally anonymous, make sure you don’t keep copies of anything!



Finally, it is recommended you notify your recent sexual partners if you test positive. This is not compulsory, but strongly advisable to prevent the spread of STDs. Besides, it is your duty since the health department or any other person won’t be following up with you. You can even use an anonymous service to notify your sexual partners if you like.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comments box. We are here to help you as much as we can!

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